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Scientific works supported by PJSC 2013


Monographs and book chapters:


Р. МихайловГомотопические и комбинаторные аспекты теории нормальных рядов в группах, Современная математика, 18 (2013), pdf

E. Spodarev, E. Shmileva, S.Roth,  Extrapolation of stationary random fields, pdf


Papers and preprints:


Nikita Alexeev, Peter ZografRandom matrix approach to the distribution of genomic distance (accepted by Journal of Computational Biology)

N.V.Alexeev, J.E.Andersen, R.C.Penner, P.G.ZografEnumeration of chord diagrams on many intervals and their non-orientable analogs,

Fedor Bakharev, Keijo Ruotsalainen, Jari Taskinen, Spectral gaps for the linear surface wave model in periodic channels,

Anton D. Baranov, Andrei LishanskiiOn S. Grivaux' example of a hypercyclic rank one perturbation of a unitary operator,

Anton D. Baranov, Konstantin Yu. Fedorovskiy, On integral estimates of derivatives of univalent rational functions,

Anton Baranov, Rachid Zarouf, A model space approach to some classical inequalities for rational functions,

Anton Baranov, Yurii Belov, Alexander Borichev, Strong M-basis property for systems of reproducing kernels in de Branges spaces,

Evgeny Abakumov, Anton BaranovYurii BelovLocalization of zeros for Cauchy transforms,

Alexandru Aleman, Anton Baranov, Yurii Belov$D$-invariant subspaces of $C^\infty$,

Mikhail BasokTau function and moduli of spin curves,

Yurii Belov, Victor Havin, The Beurling--Malliavin Multiplier Theorem and its analogs for the de Branges spaces,

Yurii Belov, Yurii Lyubarskii, On summation of non-harmonic Fourier series,

Dmitry Chelkak, Hugo Duminil-Copin, Clement Hongler, Antti Kemppainen, Stanislav SmirnovConvergence of Ising interfaces to Schramm's SLE curves,

Dmitry Chelkak, Sergey MatveenkoInverse vector-valued Sturm-Liouville problem. I. Uniqueness theorem,

P. GalashinExistence of a persistent hub in the convex preferential attachment model,

Pavel Galashin, Gaiane Panina, Moduli spaces of quasilinkages, 

Sergei O. Ivanov, Roman MikhailovA higher limit approach to homology theories,

Alexander A. Logunov, Leonid Slavin, Dmitriy M. Stolyarov, Vasily Vasyunin, Pavel B. ZatitskiyWeak integral conditions for BMO,

Andrei LishanskiiA class of Toeplitz operators with hypercyclic subspaces,

Lawrence Breen, Roman Mikhailov, Antoine Touze, Derived functors of the divided power functors,

Nikolai MnevNote on tangent bundle and Gauss functor of posets and manifolds, pdf

A. S. Cattaneo, P. Mnev, N. Reshetikhin, Semiclassical quantization of classical field theories,

Victor PetrovA rational construction of Lie algebras of type E_7,

A. Alekseev, M. Podkopaeva, A. Szenes, A symplectic proof of the Horn inequalities,

Н. В. РастегаевОб асимптотике спектра задачи Неймана для уравнения Штурма-Лиувилля с самоподобным весом обобщенного канторовского типа,

S. SinchukImproved stability for odd-dimensional orthogonal group,

FedorSandomirskiyRepeated games of incomplete information with large sets of states,

Alexander Fedotov, Fedor SandomirkiyAn exact renormalization formula for the Maryland model,

STikhomirovHolder Shadowing on Finite Intervals, (accepted by Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems)

P.Gurevich, S. TikhomirovSystems of reaction-diffusion equations with spatially distributed hysteresis, (accepted by Mathematica Bohemica)

A. Osipov, S. TikhomirovShadowing for actions of some finitely generated groups,

Dmitry TodorovLipschitz inverse shadowing for non-singular flows,

V. Vysotsky, Limit theorems on random walks that avoid a bounded set with applications to the largest gap within their range,

А. М. Вершик, П. Б. Затицкий, Ф. В. Петров, Виртуальная непрерывность измеримых функций многих переменных и теоремы вложения,

Peter ZografEnumeration of Grothendieck's dessins and KP hierarchy,

Maryam Mirzakhani, Peter ZografTowards large genus asymtotics of intersection numbers on moduli spaces of curves, pdf



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