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Chebyshev Lab Course

Gabriel Lame Chair and Chebyshev Lab organize a course "Determinantal processes".

Lector: Alexander Bufetov (Universite Aix-Marseille, MIAN, ...)

Time and place: every Tuesday from 1 November to 27 December, 17:15, room 413 (14th Line 29B, Vasilyevsky Island).

Determinantal point processes naturally appear in many problems of representation theory, asymptotic combinatorics and mathematical physics, especially, the theory of random matrices. They have recently become an extremely active area of research. The course will give an elementary introduction to determinantal point processes. 

Lecture course

Professor E. U. Panov will give a lecture course "Quantum waveguides" in the Chebyshev laboratory, room 413. Course announcement

Every Friday from 7 October to 25 November 13:40--17:00. 

Chebyshev Laboratory Minicourse

 Nikita Kalinin (Mexico, CINVESTAV) will give a lecture course "Sand model in combinatorics" in the Chebyshev laboratory, room 413. Course announcement

5 September 17:15
6 September 17:15
7 September 17:15

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Thursday, June 30 , room 14

16:00 Valery Gritsenko (IUF et Laboratoire Painleve, Lille /HSE, Moscow)

"Borcherds products and Brumer—Kramer conjecture"

17:00 Alexander Razborov (MIAN/University of Chicago/Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago)

"Continuous combinatorics''

Chebyshev Laboratory Minicourse

Nicholas J. Young (Newcastle University and Leeds University, UK)

will give a lecture course in Chebushev laboratory:

"A functional model for commuting pairs of contractions and the symmetrized bidisc"


21 June, 16-00, room 14
22 June, 16-00, room 413
23 June, 16-00, room 413

Additional  information


Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Thursday, June 16  17:00, room 14

Olivier Guedon (Universite Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee)

On some problems related to the study of random matrices

Abstract: I will make an overview of questions and problems relating to the study of random matrices with independent rows or columns. We relate this subject to questions from harmonic analysis (like the problem of selection of characters), compressed sensing or approximating the covariance matrix of a random vector. These questions naturally required to develop the study of some empirical and Gaussian processes.

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Saturday, June 18, 14:00, room 14. 

Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander I. Bufetov, Kovalevskaya Prize winner and Lame Prize (CNRS Aix-Marseille Universite, MIAN, IITP, HSE)

"Palm measures"


Chebyshev Laboratory Minicourse

Alexander Kuznetsov (MIAS) will give a lecture course "Hyperkahler varieties in algebraic geometry" in the Chebyshev laboratory.

10 May 15:30--17:00
12 May 14:00--15:30
13 May 13:00--14:30

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Aleksander Kuznetsov (MIAS) will give a talk "Four dimensional cubic" on Thursday, May 12, 17:00, room 14. 

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium
Thursday, 14 April, 17:00, room 14. Pavel Exner (Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics, Prague), "Many quantum graphs with the same geometry". Quantum graph models are both interesting mathematically and useful in applications. One of the important questions they pose concerns the meaning of the vertex coupling. The self-adjointness requirement alone leaves a substantial freedom expressed through parameters appearing in the conditions matching the wave function at the graph vertices. It is a longstanding problem whether one can motivate their choice by approximating the graph Hamiltonian by operators on a family of networks, i.e. systems of tubular manifolds the transverse size of which tends to zero. It appears that the answer depends on the conditions imposed on tube boundaries. In this talk we present a complete solution for Neumann networks: we demonstrate that adding properly scaled potentials and changing locally the graph topology, one can approximate any admissible vertex coupling. The result comes from a common work with Taksu Cheon, Olaf Post, and Ond?rej Turek.

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Dmitry Orlov (MIAS) will give a talk "Noncommutative algebraic varieties, gluing and realizations" on Thursday, March 31, 17:00, room 14.

Chebyshev Laboratory Minicourse

Dmitry Orlov (MIAS) will give a lecture course "Noncommutative and derived algebraic geometry" in the Chebyshev laboratory.

March, 28, 14:00-15:30
March, 29, 15:30-17:00
March, 31, 14:00-15:30

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Thursday, March 10, 17:00, room 14

Gaiane Panina

"Discrete Morse theory"  

Chebyshev Lab lecture course

The first lecture of N.A. Vavilov's course "Hopf algebras and Galois theory" will take place on Friday, at 19:00, room 413. The next lectures will be on Wednesdays 19:00, same room.

See details (in russian)

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Thursday, Febraury 18, 17:00, room 14

Alexander Buefetov (Aix-Marseille University, MIAS)

"Palm measure of determinantal processes" 

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