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Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Mihail Skopenko (HSE) will give a talk "Discrete field theory -- symmetries and conservation laws" on Tuesday, February 14, 17:15, room 14.


Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Nikita Kalinin (CINVESTAV) will give a talk "Points covered by a large number of triangles" on Thursday, January 12, 17:15, room 14.


Lame Chair 2017 - 2018

Lame Chair Prize 2017 - 2018 is open for application. All information can be found at the Chebyshev Lab or at the Embassy of France.


The Chebyshev Lab congratulates

  • Platonova Maria for the second prize in The Twentieth Mobius Contest,
  • Stavrova Anastasia for the first prize in The Yong Russian Math contest 2016,
  • Tihomirov Sergey for the first prize in The Yong Russian Math contest 2016.

Chebyshev Lab Lecture

N. K. Nikolskii will give a lecture "Hidden spectrum of integral operators (two examples)"  on Wednesday, 28 December in 13:30, room 14.


Chebyshev Lab Minicourse

G. Uraltsev (Bonn University) will give a lecture course "Time-frequency analysis of modulation invariant operators using outer measure spaces".


Wednesday 21.12, room 413, 17:30

Friday 23.12, room 413, 17:00


The set of tools often referred to as time-frequency analysis was introduced by Lennart Carleson in his seminal paper on the point-wise a.e. convergence of the Fourier series for $L^2$ functions. From a more general perspective, time-frequency analysis tries to put together the theory of operators defined by highly oscillatory integrals with Calderon-Zygmund theory of singular integral operators. We will study two prime examples of operators in time-frequency analysis: the Bilinear Hilbert Transform and the Maximal Carleson operator. Both these operators have an additional modulation symmetry besides the translation and scaling symmetries of Calderon-Zygmund operators. We will show how the theory of outer measure L^p spaces on the time-frequency-scale space of symmetries provides an efficient functional framework for dealing with the above operators.

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Alexander Okhotin (SPSU) will give a talk "Two problems about denying in machines and grammars" on Thursday, December 22, 17:15, room 14.


Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Patrick Delorme ( University Aix-Marseille) will give a talk "Constant term for functions on a real spherical space ( joint work with S. Souaifi)" on Thursday, December 15, 17:15, room 14.


Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

Stanislav Speranskii (St. Petersburg University) will give a talk "About elementary theories of natural classes of probability spaces"  on Thursday, November 17, 17:15, room 14.

Chebyshev Lab Colloquium

A. V. Klimenko (MIAS, Higher School of Economics) will give a talk "Limit theorems for segments exchange" on Thursday, November 10 , 17:15, room 14.


Chebyshev Lab Seminar 'Applications of contemporary mathematics: Oil engineering'

The second meeting of the joint seminar with PJSC "Gazprom neft" in Monday, November 14, 15:00-18:00, room 14 :

Applications of contemporary mathematics: "Oil engineering"
Annotation of the seminar.

Chebyshev Lab Seminar

Gabriel Lame Chair, Chebyshev Lab and A. Bufetov organize seminar.

The first seminar meeting in Thursday, November 3, 15:15, room 413 :

A. Borichev (Universite Aix-Marseille)

"Random Taylor series and stationary sequences".

Chebyshev Lab Lecture

Stepan Kuznetsov (Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) will give a lecture in Chebyshev Lab (14th Line 29B, Vasilyevsky Island):

"Zero–one law for random graphs”

Time and place: Wednesday, 9 November, 17:15, room 14.


Chebyshev Lab Minicourse

S. A. Nazarov will give a lecture course " "Invisibilitye" of obstructions in the waveguide at given frequencies".


Saturday 29.10, room 413, 10-45

Monday 31.10, room 413, 12-00

Thursday 03.10, room 413, 12-00

Annotation of minicourse.

Chebyshev Lab Course

Gabriel Lame Chair and Chebyshev Lab organize a course "Determinantal processes".

Lector: Alexander Bufetov (Universite Aix-Marseille, MIAN, ...)

Time and place: every Tuesday from 1 November to 27 December, 17:15, room 413 (14th Line 29B, Vasilyevsky Island).

Determinantal point processes naturally appear in many problems of representation theory, asymptotic combinatorics and mathematical physics, especially, the theory of random matrices. They have recently become an extremely active area of research. The course will give an elementary introduction to determinantal point processes. 

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