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Positions for young researchers at the Chebyshev Laboratory
The Chebyshev Laboratory is announcing the 2015-2016 research project competition for students, graduate students and postdocs. Applications can be submitted all year round, but preference will be given to the candidates who submit their application before October 15, 2015.
The Laboratory was established at the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at St.Petersburg State University in December, 2010, supported by the grant 11.G34.31.0026 of Stanislav Smirnov from the Government of the Russian Federation. The Laboratory conducts research in analysis, probability theory, mathematical physics and related fields. One of its main goals is to engage students and young researchers in research activity. The Laboratory supports an extensive visitor program and frequent conferences.
All the applications will be reviewed by a scientific committee created for the purpose. According to the results of this review, candidates will be granted one of the following research positions at the Laboratory: one semester (5 months, October 15 – March 15), one year (11 months, October 15 – August 31) or two years (October 15, 2015 – August 31, 2017). The word “stipend” in this announcement is used informally and refers to the proposed salary of a Laboratory member per month.
The following positions are available at the Laboratory:
A)    students:
3th year undergraduate students: 10000 rouble stipend;
4th year undergraduate students: 15000 rouble stipend;
students in their 5th and 6th year: 20000 rouble stipend;
B)    graduate students:
“full-time position”: 28000 rouble stipend;
“part-time position”: 18000 rouble stipend;
C)    postdocs:
“full-time position”: 45000 rouble stipend;
“part-time position”: 28000 rouble stipend.
Applications from candidates in all scientific fields will be processed, but preference will be given to those who specialize in the fields close to the main research interests of the Chebyshev Laboratory (mathematical analysis, algebra, probability theory, mathematical physics). Candidates are not expected to change their field of study drastically when applying to the Laboratory.
General Laboratory member requirements:
Active participation in the events and everyday life of the Lab;
It is obligatory for every member to put a reference to the Chebyshev Laboratory in every article partly or wholly written while working at the Lab;
Conferences and other events abroad:
We support participation of our members in conferences and scientific schools, but in the case of lengthy scientific visits the member’s stipend will be suspended until his/her return.
Scientific report:
A short report (1-2 pages) will be expected at the end of the stipend term.
Questions: please, address all your questions to
Application procedure:
Applications can be turned in all year round to, with the title of the letter reading: “Application of NAME SURNAME to participate in the vacancies competition”.
Preference will be given to the candidates who apply before October 15, 2015. The results of the competition will be announced at the end of February.
The body of the letter must contain:
1)      Information about the desired position:
a)      level: student/ graduate student/ postdoc;
b)      term: one semester/ one year/ two years/ no preference (if you are willing to take any proposed position). Note that the committee will make the final decision about the term of your position;
c)      for graduate students and postdocs: full-time/ part-time/ no preference (if you are willing to take any proposed position). As mentioned above, the committee will make the final decision about the term of your position.
2)      The title of your scientific project:
One phrase which describes your research interests.
3)      Personal data:
a)      Name, surname;
b)      Date of birth;
c)      Place of study and academic status, or place of work and current position.
4)      Information about your scientific advisor:
for students:
Full name of your scientific advisor and the title of your last term project;
for graduate students:
a)      Full name of your scientific advisor and the subject of your dissertation (PhD thesis);
b)      Full name of your scientific advisor and the title and year of defense of your diploma;
for postdocs:
Full name of your scientific advisor and the title and year of defense of your dissertation (PhD thesis);
5)      Full names of your referees.
The following files must be attached to your letter:
Surname_CV.pdf (the files must be in PDF format, Surname = surname of the candidate): the CV of the candidate (1-2 pages + list of publications);
Surname_ResearchStatement.pdf : a plan of your research project (1-2 pages including the bibliography). The plan must contain a) a short description of the results already achieved and b) a description of the problems the candidate is planning to work on, possible methods etc.;
Surname_paper.pdf : the text of your article, term project, diploma etc.



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