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New BSc program in Mathematics and TCS

Starting in 2015, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St.Petersburg State University opens a new bachelor program in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. The council of the program is headed by Stanislav Smirnov. The members of the council are Prof. N.A.Vavilov (SPbSU), prof. A.M.Vershik (PDMI), Sc.D. E.A.Hirsch (PDMI), prof. D.Y.Grigoriev (Penleve laboratory, CNRS), RAS Corresponding Member S.V.Ivanov (PDMI), acad. S.V.Kislyakov (PDMI), prof. M.A.Lifshits (SPbSU), senior researcher N.E.Mnev (PDMI), acad. Y.V.Matiyasevich (PDMI), prof. B.A.Novikov (SPbSU), prof. S.Y.Pilyugin (SPbSU), Sc.D. G.A.Seregin (PDMI), prof. L.A.Takhtajan (Stony Brook University), acad. L.D.Faddeev (PDMI), Y.S.Belov (SPbSU) and V.A.Petrov (PDMI).

The program will contain modern courses in mathematics and computer science. The lectures will be given by  N.A.Vavilov, S.V.Ivanov, S.V.Kislyakov, V.A.Petrov, F.V.Petrov. 

Please refer to the Russian page for more details and updates.


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